World Teacher’s Day: The Influential Role Teachers Play

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October 5th is World Teacher’s Day!

Today’s classrooms are drastically different than what I experienced as a child! Teachers now do so much beyond teaching the basics of reading, math and history by preparing students to tackle the challenges life may bring. I’m a college math teacher, and I try to implement as much 21st century learning as possible into my teaching. Teaching now focuses on these 21st century skills that students need to be successful beyond the classroom including creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and using the latest technology!

Teaching Creativity

Teaching creativity encourages students to find new ways to get things done! Creativity leads to innovation & invention! I’m not just talking about art class. We’re constantly looking for new and better ways to solve problems in my classes.

Teaching Collaboration

Teaching collaboration is about working together to reach a goal and valuing the talent and expertise of others! This one can be challenging with lots of different personalities and opinions. But, it’s such an important skill to have. Employers want employees who can cooperate and be tolerant and accepting of others.


Teaching Critical Thinking

Teaching critical thinking is all about getting students to analyze the problem. They may need to look at problems in
a new way or apply their knowledge from other subjects and disciplines. In my classroom, this also includes identifying the correct information to solve the problem and analyzing the answer to see if it is reasonable based on the problem.

Teaching Communication

Teaching communication to students involves getting students to share thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions. This is all about participation and offering opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know to the class.


Using Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom is more important than ever. We can’t expect students to be competitive in today’s job market without strong tech skills!

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Be sure to thank a teacher today for World Teacher’s Day!

Did you have teachers who helped you learn real world skills? If you have school-age kids, do you see these 21st century skills in action?


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