Why I prefer breastfeeding in PRIVATE

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I’ve seen moms walking around the store or having a conversation in the middle of a crowded room while breastfeeding their babies.  I think it’s awesome! We’ve reached a point in our culture where breastfeeding is ok anywhere and everywhere at any time.  To all the moms who can make breastfeeding in public work for them, you rock, keep it up!

I personally can’t do it.

Call me a rebel, but here are the reasons that I personally don’t choose to breastfeed in public.  I’d rather sneak out to the car or leave the party a little early.  Here’s three reasons why I do what I do.

#3 I don’t want people seeing my breasts.
I saw a news article earlier this week about a woman who was shamed on social media for feeding her baby in a restaurant.  Some guy actually thought it was socially acceptable to snap a picture of a woman breastfeeding without her knowledge and post it on Facebook.  If this ever happened to me, I would be mortified.
Sure, it’s being used to feed a baby, but it is still attached to my body. I’m private.  I don’t want my nipple to accidentally end up in the background of someone’s selfie on Facebook.  And I certainly don’t want some creep posting pictures and condemning me for feeding my baby.

#2 It’s bonding time.
I like sneaking away for some private, quiet cuddles with my baby.  I’m an introvert.  Taking a little break to feed the baby is energizing for me too. I can share some eye contact with my baby and enjoy those precious moments.  The party will still be there when I get back.  I can pick up a conversation where I left off, but my baby needs me at that moment.  This reason is a little selfish, but one of the amazing perks of being a mom.

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#1 It stresses me out.
It stresses the baby out. I am fidgeting with a cover or just feeling generally awkard. I have trouble with let down. The baby gets angry. It’s a vicious cycle and just not worth it to me.  There have been a handful of times where I had no choice but to feed my daughter in public, but I don’t enjoy it.  It puts me on edge.  So please, don’t start a conversation or make eye contact with me.  In fact, you can pretend I’m not even there (because that’s what I’m doing!).

So, stop giving us private mamas strange looks or asking us probing questions about why we sneak away. We love to feed our babies too.  We just have a different way of showing it. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Why I prefer breastfeeding in PRIVATE”

  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one. I feel bad, because I feel like I'm doing it wrong – I support women breastfeeding, anywhere that they need to, and totally don't think that breasts are exclusively sexual parts of the female anatomy. Once upon a time, they simply served a very, very vital purpose. Now they're allowed to hang loosely out of tops on billboards, but we don't want them seen when nursing a baby. I't ridiculous. HOWEVER, personally? I like my breasts to be seen by myself, my husband and my baby, and that's it. It goes that way with anything. And I am glad to see someone else out there who feels the same as I do.

    Good post! 🙂


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