Whole Family Group Costume Ideas

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Every year, our family does a group costume theme! I’ve included some of our group costume ideas as well as some from around the web. Also, make sure to check out my post about Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids!

The Incredibles Family Costume Ideas

This is perfect for a family of five! I was waiting to do this one when my youngest was a toddler.

Incredibles Family Costumes

Crayons Group Costume Ideas

This would be really easy to pull together. Each member gets a different color, and you are ready to go!

Crayons Family Costume

Toy Story Family Costume Ideas

This can work well for a really large group, since there are so many different characters!
Toy Story Family costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Group Costume Ideas

Perfect for a group of four!
Ninja Turtle Family costumes
Group Costume Ideas

Star Wars Group Costume Ideas

This is another great idea for a large group, since there are so many choices!
Star Wars Family costume
light sabers

Minions Costume Ideas

We’d like to try this one soon!
Minions costume pattern
Minions costume hats

Candy Group Costume Ideas

This a a cute and flexible idea. You can go with something as simple as shirts, or create something more fun!

M and M Costume

Pirate Costume Ideas

This is an easy idea to pull together!

Cat in the Hat and the Things Group Costume Ideas

If just the kids are dressing up, you can have just the Things (or add in an adult as Cat in the Hat)!
Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume
Cat in the Hat costume
Things Family costume idea

Cow Group Costume Ideas

We used these costumes for Cow Appreciation Day, but they would be cute for a family Halloween costume as well.

Flinstones Family Costume Ideas

This is another idea that is on my wish list!

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Winnie the Pooh Group Costume Ideas

We did this one when we just had one child, but there are lots of characters to work with!

Superheroes Group Costume Ideas

These are fun with well known characters or even creating your own superhero family.

Superhero Costumes

LEGO Movie Family Costume Ideas

These costumes are a mix of store bought and DIY. Please head over to my post for all the details.

Angry Birds Family Costume ideas

We made these for this year. This is also a great idea for a large group!

Got a bad sport in the family? Grab them one of these!

Family Costume Ideas

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