What’s on the Wall? The Joys of Cleaning with Kids

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Before I had kids, my house was always clean. And, I spent virtually no time cleaning. Now that I have kids, my house is never clean. And, it seems like all I do is clean up!

I remember visiting my grandma one year during her massive spring cleaning effort when I was a teenager.  She wiped down all the walls. I remember asking my mom why someone would bother wiping down walls. I mean, how could walls possibly get dirty?! I’m sure my mom was secretly laughing at me.  Now I know all too well why walls get dirty!

In fact, I remember a conversation with my son just last week about cleaning a wall.

Me: Do you know what this is on the wall?
Me: It looks like snot. Why would there be snot on your wall?
Kid: I ran out of tissues in my room.
Well, obviously!

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Here are 5 other places, I find myself cleaning more now that I have children.

1- The toilet. If you have little (or not so little) boys, I am sure you can relate. Hitting the bowl is apparently a lofty goal. You can have pee on the lid, the seat or even running down the sides. On really special days, your son tells you that he decided to try aiming for the lid because he thought it would just drain down.

2- The tub or shower. Kids are dirty little creatures. Just placing them in the tub means it will require a wipe down.  I never knew getting kids clean could be such a dirty job. And, I’ll never forget the time my son thought the shower drain should be his personal urinal.

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3- The windows. My windows inside my house and the windows inside my car always have fingerprints on them. And, sometimes they have nose prints. When I wipe them off, they magically reappear just hours later.

4- The walls. Let’s revisit this one. Snot is really hard to get off the wall. Pencil is hard to get off the wall. Crayon is hard to get off the wall. Grubby handprints appear regularly but are surprisingly easy to clean.  Yes, I clean my walls way too often.

5- The floor. Not a meal goes by without the need to sweep. And, usually some spot mopping is needed, too. I sometimes find sticky spots on the floor, and I have no idea what they are or where they came from.

Just this morning, my husband a chunk of fig bar in his shoe. I really wasn’t that surprised. It’s just another day with another mess!

Where do you have to clean the most? Do your kids create messes?

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