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Hello, and welcome to a new feature at Healthy Happy Thrifty Family: Dad’s Side Of The Story! A blogging feature about parenting from a dad’s perspective. I’ve been blogging for 6 months on my own site, and I can tell you, as with any new adventure, there were things I loved about it, and things that I really didn’t. After having time to reflect on the pros and cons, I discovered that blogging only presented one major hurdle for me, but I discovered the perfect solution.

Let’s start with what I love:
I really enjoy having an outlet to share my thoughts. I get excited when I have an idea for a post and I get a few minutes to sit down and write.  I like having the opportunity to spread the plight of the dad to those who don’t know our side of things. I feel that people enjoy reading my posts and much as I like writing them. It has been so much fun to research, talk with other dads, and get some ideas to share!

I also love the other dad resources I’ve discovered, and I am glad for the different connections I have made. When I first started out, I could not find very many dad blogs. While I still feel there could be a lot more, by becoming a blogger myself, I started to find some of the dad blogs that are in existence. Many of them are really awesome! I’ve also found facebook groups and other ways to connect with dads out there.

Perhaps the biggest upside to blogging is that this experience has made me a better parent in a lot of ways. Honestly, that was the reason I started it in the first place.  As I’ve tried to reach more people with my thoughts and philosophies, I’ve discovered many articles and posts that have challenged my thinking and even given me improved ways to parent.  Being a blogger has opened my eyes to a whole new world and a whole new set of skills.

Now the downside:
While I love writing the posts and getting them out for the world to read, finding an audience has been a whole different matter. Trying to promote my blog and get people to actually read and follow it was more work than actually writing.  I write because I want people to read what I have to say.  I want to share with people. I want to be a resource. But if no one is reading, it seems like a huge waste of time. The amount of time I spent working on promoting my posts and trying to attract an audience was exhausting. Between working full time, watching the kids while my wife is at work in the evenings, and trying to write and promote the blog, there just weren’t enough hours in the day. The promotion part especially took away from the time I have for my family, and that defeated the purpose of doing the blog.

The solution:
I want to write, I want an audience, but I don’t want to do all of the behind-the-scene’s stuff. After a little soul searching, the answer became obvious. My wife is the administrator here at Healthy Happy Thrifty Family. She is the one that encouraged me to start a blog for dads and even helped me get Dad’s Side Of The Story off the ground. She has been at this blogging thing for longer, already has a bigger following, and she has more time and skills for the unseen parts of blogging. She is a very great blogger in her own right, and she is exceptional at promoting it. The most logical solution to my problem was to join her and work together.

So I am happy and excited that Dad’s Side Of The Story will become a regular part of Healthy Happy Thrifty Family. This is truly a win-win-win for everyone. I win because I will still be able to continue writing, but I will get back the precious time I need with my family. My wife wins because she will have more articles for this blog, and she will have an extra person (me) to help with some of the day-to-day operations. And you, the readers, win because there will more fantastic content including mom’s and dad’s perspectives on different parenting topics.


It seems almost ironic that the best course of action was to partner with my partner. I guess it’s just another reminder that we’re stronger together than we are separate. So please keep checking in and read some of my archived posts. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Changing A Diaper In 39 Easy Steps or Cleaning: The Great Gender Difference. Also, you can follow Dad’s Side Of The Story on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. In fact, I plan on making my Facebook account a great place for people to get a daily dose of parenting laughs, find interesting products and Do-It-Yourself projects, and share interesting articles. Thanks for all of your support and thanks for reading the Dad’s Side!

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