Why a Weighted Blanket from Dr. Hart’s is The Ultimate Calming Tool

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Dr. Hart’s weighted blanket has been such an awesome addition to our home. I have wanted to try a weighted blanket for a while now, so I can’t wait to share our experience with you!

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Weighted Blanket from Dr. Hart’s
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My daughter absolutely loves it, and so do I. I see a second one being needed in our future! I’ve always been a person who wants to sleep under 2-3 comforters no matter the time of year. I just like the feeling of security. The weighted blanket gives that same feeling without making me too warm during the night. It’s helping me get to sleep faster and enjoy more restful sleep during the night!

My middle daughter has always had sensory issues. It’s a struggle to find clothing she will wear. Everything is either too tight, too scratchy, or just not what she wants. She also has trouble calming down. She is always bouncing around, even when doing something calm, like homeschooling or a movie. She was a huge thumb sucker. That has improved, but we’re still working on it!

I was hopeful that a weighted blanket would be helpful to her, but also wondered is she would like it due to her clothing issues. Luckily, she immediately loved the Dr. Hart’s weighted blanket. The cover is micro plush and super soft. In fact, there have been a few times this week where she went to find it to help calm down. She thinks it feels like a hug. 🙂

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As an added bonus, she loves snuggling with our kittens. They also seem to love the blanket, so that means more snuggle time for her!

More Dr. Hart’s Blanket Info

Who would benefit from a weighted blanket?
If you want to sleep better, help relive stress, reduce sensory issues, or just relax at the end of the day, you should give it a try!

It’s easy to care for!
The Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket can be washed on the gentle cycle or hand washed and air dried. The cover can be washed and dried.

Can kids use a weighted blanket?
Dr. Hart’s recommends the blanket for people 50 pounds and up.

Weighted Blanket from Dr. Hart’s is The Ultimate Calming Tool

7 thoughts on “Why a Weighted Blanket from Dr. Hart’s is The Ultimate Calming Tool”

  1. My daughter and I both have sensory processing disorder, I’ve always wanted a weighted blanket, and when she hits the weight requirement I think I may have to get this (for both of us lol) I think it will really help, and even if it didnt, it looks pretty comfy!

  2. My son has ADHD and he seeps with a heavy blanket every night. It isn’t a weighted on but it is heavy. He sleeps much better with this compared to every other blanket.


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