What to Wear for Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise

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A lot of first time cruisers wonder what to wear for pirate night on a Disney Cruise! We’ve been on three Disney cruises, and I’ve seen a wide range of things. It’s not uncommon to see people in full pirate costumes (yes, even adults!), but they’re certainly not necessary.

What to Expect Around the Ship

There are usually pirate themed photography backgrounds and characters available that evening. The dining staff will likely be dressed up as well! On every cruise that I’ve been on, we’ve also received some pirate themed goodies as part of our fish extender exchange. You’ll see many people not dressed up at all, some wearing pirate accessories and some that look just like Captain Hook!

What to Wear for Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise

What to Wear for Pirate Night if You Don’t Want a Full Costume

At dinner, they will provide you with a pirate bandanna. So, if you’re not big on costumes, you can use the bandanna to get in the pirate spirit! You can also bring basic pirate accessories like eye patches, earrings or swords. If you decide to bring swords, consider size. On our last cruise, we bought inflatable swords at our local Dollar Tree rather than waste precious luggage space.

If You Want To Wear Pirate Costumes

Many big box stores discount their Halloween costumes after October 31st. If your sailing is far enough out, you may be able to find clearance priced Pirate costumes that way. Other inexpensive costumes can be found on Amazon. If you want something a little more personal, there are many options for handmade costumes on Etsy.

What to Wear for Pirate Night if You Really Don’t Like Costumes

Regular Clothes…or this button!

And, if you’re feeling slightly adventurous, you can upgrade to a t-shirt!

No matter what you wear for Pirate Night, you’re sure to have an awesome time!

What to Wear for Pirate Night on Disney Cruise Line

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