Easy Ways to Save Money on Insurance Premiums

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This is a guest post “Easy Ways to Save Money on Insurance Premiums” is provided by Nick Fransioli of State Farm Insurance.

Finding the right insurance plan can be complicated. It seems like you never know if you are getting the best deal on your insurance. There are a several tips and tricks that can save money on insurance in Colorado.

Every insurance provider offers slightly different discounts for their customers. Below are the most common and should work for most insurance companies.

Tell your Insurance Company about Home Updates

By protecting your home, you will be able to save on your insurance because you are decreasing the risk of something happening. Ask your agent all of the ways that you can save on your insurance if you make some changes. These home improvements might pay for themselves after some time.

1. Install an alarm system

2. Install an impact resistant or new roof

3. Update your utilities, like your hot water heater and furnace

Use One Insurance Company for Everything

If you have auto and home insurance with different companies change this immediately, bundling all of your insurance needs auto, home, property, life, boat, trailer and others with one insurance provider could save you over 10% on your monthly payment. Using one company will save you a lot today, but also in the long run, insurance companies offer discounts for being with them for so many years. So make a decision today who to go with and stay with them.

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Keep your Home and Car Smart

By adding the latest security systems to your home and door locks to prevent robberies can decrease your home insurance rate. Some insurance providers also offer discounts if you are willing to put a tracking device in your vehicle, they will see how safe of a driver you are based on how much you drive, how fast, etc. If you buy some smart home gadgets, ask your insurance provider if it could be saving you money.

Increase your Deductibles

A simple way to save on your monthly premium is by increasing the deductible on your insurance. This works on all insurance policies. This means if an accident does occur you will have to pay a higher fixed amount but your monthly payment will decrease. For an example if your current deductible is $500 and your increase your deductible to $1000 it will decrease your monthly rate. This allows you to be more flexible with your insurance coverage to pay for the exact of coverage you would like to have.

Other Easy Ways to Save Money on Insurance

1) Take a driving course

2) Have a good credit score

3) Student drivers – have good grades

4) Have a clean driving record

The Best and Easiest Way to Save Money on your Insurance

Contact your insurance provider annually to see if there are any new ways that you could be saving which you aren’t already.

How to Save Money on Your Insurance in Colorado Springs

If you don’t have insurance yet or looking to switch to a different company, Nick Fransioli State Farm Insurance agent in Colorado Springs helped with this post and offers great customer service in Colorado Springs. Call or stop by and they will give you a free quote on the insurance you need as well as new ways to save money on insurance.

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  1. Our auto insurance has a consumer data collecting device where you place it on your car for 6 months and they monitor your driving habits. It saved us a few bucks a month to add that and it helped to keep the teen driver on the up and up with her driving skills.

  2. Ooooo some great tips here!!!! I’m so clueless when it comes to this type of stuff. I will have to keep all of this stuff in mind


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