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Did the word head lice in the post title make you cringe? I know it’s a tough topic to think about. I found myself scratching my head periodically as a wrote this post! Luckily, our home is lice free! However, I am so glad to have the V-COMB product in our house for when we need it! It is a chemical free, all natural way to take care of a head lice problem. I love this idea, because I don’t want to use a strong, chemical filled shampoo on my children. I’d much rather use a natural head lice remedy.



From the packaging: “V-Comb is a revolutionary device that incorporates combing and vacuuming to eliminate head lice and eggs.”
It out performs other head lice combs and lice shampoo.

Find out more about the V-COMB on YouTube:

Before staying home with my kids, I worked as a teacher. So, I saw how quickly lice could spread through a school. I am so happy to have this on hand. I am prepared in case I ever get a call from my son’s school. Since there are millions of cases of lice every year in the United States, I want to be ready!



The V-COMB is a great investment, because you can use it more than once. It uses disposable capture filters. They can be removed and replaced. You get four with your initial purchase, and you can order more!

lice capture filters

In addition to removing head lice, you can use this product to check your child’s hair. The LED allows you to see what is being removed from the hair. According to the manufacturer, you should use this comb daily for two weeks to prevent re-infestation. You can also share this device for use by more than one family member after thorough cleaning.

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See it in use here:

So why would you want to purchase the V-COMB now? You keep a thermometer at home for when your child gets a fever. You keep bandages on hand for when your child scrapes their knee. You keep a V-COMB around for when you want to quickly and naturally remove head lice.

Here’s a few other facts and tips about head lice:
1. Avoid sharing combs, hats and hair accessories to prevent the spread of lice.
2. Lice can’t fly or jump. They’re spread by head-to-head contact.
3. The life cycle from egg to adult takes about 2 weeks.
4. Washing bedding in hot water is a good precaution.

If you want to win one of these, please enter the giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a V-COMB and 2 capture filter refills. The giveaway is open to US residents ages 18+ and will close on 2/15. Good luck!

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Have you dealt with head lice in your home? Would you prefer to treat it without harmful chemicals?

19 thoughts on “V-COMB – The Natural Head Lice Remedy”

  1. the word lice just made my skin get all itchy. My mom was a beautician. Glad to know there are products out there to help you through this less than desireable time.

  2. This is so much nicer than the shampoo and comb that was used in the past. I use to teach school and it seemed like every spring there were lots of kids with lice. Yuck!

  3. Having lived through the nightmare of head lice and girls with very long hair, I would be happy to have this to use instead. What a great product!

  4. I remember fighting this with my girls and sure wish we would of had something like this. Being the boyscout, I would feel better knowing I had one available.

    Looks like a great product

  5. That is really cool and it looks like it will be super thorough in getting through the hair. I lucked out in that my kids never had them, but lots of my friends’ kids have gone through the nightmare!

  6. It seems like a good device to have on hand. My daughter has gotten lice twice from other people in her school. Not a fun thing to go through. This appears to make it an easier task of getting rid of lice.

  7. Genius product!! Finally a better way to treat lice without using a product that has chemicals or pesticides. I’d certainly try it!


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