5 Tooth Activities for National Children’s Dental Health Month

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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! This year’s theme is Sugar Wars. You can read all about it here and download some cool printable activities here.

Here are my 5 favorite FREE tooth activities for Children’s National Dental Health Month.

tooth activities

1. Preschool Tooth Counting Game Printable
from Bitsy Creations
Match the number on the toothbrush to the mouth with the correct number of teeth.

2. Healthy Teeth Book
from Lesson Plan Diva
Create a healthy teeth book and write a story about the tooth fairy. This is good for children who are already good writers.

3. Let’s Talk Teeth Unit
from A to Z Teacher Printables
Tooth poem, teeth cards and a diagram about types of teeth.

4. Race to Lose a Tooth Game
from Toddler Approved
Fun for two or more using marshmallow teeth and a dice.

5. Letter Match Tooth Cleaning Game
from Rainy Day Mum
Match the letters and talk about removing plaque from the teeth.

You can also check out my pinterest board for other great ideas!


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