Toilet Paper Tube Christmas Tree Craft and #GIFtaTree Program

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I wanted to share this cute Christmas tree craft with you and encourage you to participate in the #GIFtaTree program.

First, here’s the craft:

toilet paper roll tube
6 bendable straws
green pipe cleaner stems (we used the extra fuzzy chenille ones)
green ribbon
decorations for your tree (we used red spiral pipe cleaner stems and a yellow self-adhesive felt star)
Small LED light (if you want to light up your tree)

To start, we used a toilet paper tube as the base. Then, we used six bendable straws to form a tree shape. We used green straws, but any color will work. You want to tape the small ends of the straws together. This will form a U shape. You’ll make 3 of these U shapes with a total of 6 straws. I poked six holes in the tube and then put the straws through the tube. I brought the large ends together at the top and put tape around them to hold the tree together. You could could also use rubber bands.

We twisted the green pipe cleaners around the straws to make it look more like a tree. I tucked the ends of the pipe cleaners on the top of the tree so no one would get poked! We used two pipe cleaners per straw.

My son weaved some green ribbon between the straws, working from the top to the bottom. Then hew wrapped his red decorations around the tree. We finished it off with a yellow felt star.

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We also lit the tree up by placing a small LED light (tea-light size) inside the toilet paper tube.

Feeling inspired about trees? Please consider participating in the GIFtaTree Program! Green is Universal has teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation for a social media campaign that spreads the word about planting trees.

This year, #GIFtATree to the environment by doing either of these to things. It’s free for you and gets a tree planted in a state park or national forest (up to 25,000 trees)!

You can do either (or both!) of the following things:

1. Go to to create and share a holiday GIF

2. Use the #GIFtATree hastag on social media

Here’s the GIF I created!


Yes, it’s really that easy! So, join me in supporting this great cause!

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