Memorable Toddler Moments

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You’ve filled up your baby book with all of the important milestones from the first year. You documented the first tooth, the first bath and the first game of peek-a-boo. Now that your little one is on the move, they’re going to be coming up with some firsts of their own. These toddler moments are worth celebrating!

Huggies has been with our family to celebrate all of these toddler moments! These are my favorite toddler memories from each of my kiddos!

Our Favorite Toddler Moments

First Time on the Swings

All of my kids were (are!) big fans of the swings!

First Ball Game

Go Team!

First Steps

Just a couple steps here, but she was running in no time!

Trying to get those #firststeps working! So close to walking! #babiesofinstagram @dads_side

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First Time Driving

Heading out to the Farm! I’ll see you at sundown!

Ready to ride off on her motorcycle!

First Shopping Trip

Practicing at Home

Cruising the Aisles at Walmart Neighborhood Market looking for the really important stuff. We love finding great deals on diapers, wipes and more in the baby section at Walmart Neighborhood Market. It’s smaller than a Supercenter but still has all of the essentials, making your shopping trip quick and easy!

First Time Cooking

I’ve got that pot for you Mom!
Maybe this is more my size!

First Baby Doll

My baby taking care of her babies!
Toddler Moments

First Time Doing Home Renovations

Let me help with that!

First Time Sitting On The Potty

I think it’s just about time to start potty training! Luckily, I can get all of my potty training essentials at Walmart Neighborhood Market for Walmart Supercenter prices!

First Time Doing Laundry

How do I fold these socks?!

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Do you have a favorite memory with your toddler?

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  1. What an adorable collection of memories! It’s amazing to me how fantastic social media can be for both pictures & little videos of important moments. I honestly think it might be better and more effective than keeping albums.


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