Toddler Mealtime Gear for Grandma’s House

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Grandma’s house is always so neat and tidy! I don’t want my toddler to destroy the dining area with her messy eating! Here’s my list of the best toddler mealtime gear for Grandma’s house. If your little one is going to be spending a lot of time at their grandparents’ house (or if you are a grandparent!), you might want to consider these products! If you know of other great products, head down to the comments sections and share them with me!

Mealtime Gear

Bambinos Tidy Table Tray
Grandparents are often limited on space and don’t want to have to worry about storing or moving a bulky high chair around. Luckily, there are better options! Bambinos Tidy Table Tray is a must-have! This handy little tray clips right on to your existing table. It stays put, so no food flying across the room or broken plates are in your future!

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You can pop out the liner of the tray for quick cleaning.

mealtime gear

Kaboost Booster Seat
Partner the tray with the Kaboost Booster Seat , which turns a regular dining chair into a booster. It snaps on a chair in seconds and fits any 4-legged chairs with round, square, or curvy legs. Your little one will feel like a “big kid” sitting with all the grown-ups!


Bonus: Kaboost stores small when not in use!


Don’t forget to have some sippy cups and toddler utensils on hand. You’ll also want a bib. I prefer long-sleeved bibs that are easy to wipe down! We have several on these Bumkins bibs. The dual-purpose coverall Grubby works as a bib and is also great for outdoor play.

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Is someone a neat freak? Cover the area under the chair with the Disaster Mat! When, mealtime is over, clean up will be so easy!


For more tips, check out my post about dining out with your toddler!

Did I miss anything? What are your favorite toddler mealtime gear items to have at Grandma’s house for your toddler?

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