Ways your Toddler Can Help in the Kitchen

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There’s something special about getting your toddler involved in the kitchen. Not only is cooking an important life skill that your child needs to learn, but having your kids help in the kitchen from an early age helps build a bond, unlike any other activity offers. Today I’m featuring ways your toddler can help in the kitchen so that you’re able to enjoy this positive experience with your little one.

Ways your Toddler Can Help in the Kitchen

Help Put Away Groceries

If you’re not quite ready to dig into baking and cooking with your toddler, then you can easily have them help with the job of taking care of groceries. Have your toddler use a step stool or consider giving them items that go in the lower cupboards of your kitchen.

Pour Ingredients

While you may not be ready to teach measurements to your toddler, they can help you pour ingredients into a bowl. Pre-measure your ingredients for whatever you’re baking or cooking so that your toddler can then pour the ingredients into the bowl for mixing.

Whisk or Mix Ingredients

Once your toddler is able to safely reach the kitchen counter top, allow them to whisk or mix together ingredients for you as you work to bake or cook dinner. Avoid having them help with raw items, in case they lick their fingers.

Wash Produce

Toddlers usually enjoy water play time so why not allow them the chance to play in the water as they wash produce. If you’re serving up some fresh produce with dinner or need it for a recipe, then call your toddler out to the kitchen with their step stool to wash off that produce.

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Clear Table or Dishwasher

You can teach your toddler how to help clear the dinner table after a meal, set the dinner table for a meal and even unload the dishwasher. Each of these tasks may require adult supervision, but it’s still a pretty independent task that your toddler can do to help in the kitchen.

Organize Your Cabinets

Do you have a cabinet for pots and pans or plastic containers. Let your toddler help organize! Stacking nesting bowls is great for spatial reasoning as well!

There you have it, a few creative ways your toddler can help in the kitchen that goes beyond simply learning how to cook. Each of these little ways that your toddler can help in the kitchen will inspire a love of cooking and family togetherness as your toddler gets older.

Let me know how your toddler helps in the kitchen in the comments!

Ways your Toddler Can Help in the Kitchen

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