Where did my toddler hide my cell phone?

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Where did my toddler hide my cell phone? I’ve wondered this many times over the years! If my phone isn’t where I left it, I can usually tell by the not-so-innocent grin of a toddler that we’re in for a fun game of hide and seek! It has to be right up there with some of my top toddler memories. Despite my best efforts to provide toy phones to play with, the real thing is just so much more interesting!

If you’re looking for your phone right now, let’s go over some places that were favorites of my kids!

Where did my toddler hide my cell phone?

Where did my toddler hide my cell phone?

In the Trash Can
My kids like to throw everything away. There was a point where I’d have to check the trash bags for valuables before they even left the house. Perhaps I’d been using my phone too much, and they’d like my full attention!

In the Hamper
Or, in the clothes basket. Or, in that giant pile of laundry that needed sorting. There’s something about hiding a phone in a random clothing pocket that makes so much sense. Just try to find it before it hits the washing machine!

In the Toy Box
My phone seems like a toy. Check out those bright lights and cool sounds! It fits right in with the other toddler electronics! Why not put it in the toy box or one of the many bins and boxes filled with toys around the house? It’ll be in the last one you check every time!

In the Toilet
Pretty gross, but it could happen. Get a glove! Let’s hope we bought that phone protection plan or a waterproof phone case from Case Haven. Otherwise, check out these tips to dry out your phone!

Tell me in the comments the most unusual place that your child has hidden your cell phone!

5 thoughts on “Where did my toddler hide my cell phone?”

  1. Ha! Too funny. Not only do the twins like to hide my cell phone, but also the TV remote. Usually, they stick it somewhere in the cushions or just throw it under the couch.

  2. This is hilarious! We actually have a listening game involving cell phones, but in our version, We hide the phone and the child has to find it. A much safer game than the other way around. 😉

  3. Hahaha I kept buying Toothbrush , and Remote My Twin A loves to hide stuff.but the good thing is He hides my Celpon under his cloths not else where.


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