Starting Kindergarten with TinkerActive Workbooks

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My youngest started Kindergarten last week. We’re doing a combination of homeschooling and a public school enrichment program. I was so excited to add TinkerActive Workbooks to our library. They’re not your typical workbook! There are fun activities that can be done right in the book, and hands on projects that help reinforce the skills. It’s so refreshing to find a workbook that encourages outside the box thinking and learning through play. Most of the activities are flexible, so you can modify them to meet your needs or the supplies you have available. My daughter was extra excited to find out that some activities have stickers involved! At the end of the workbook, they get a special badge as a prize!

I received complimentary TinkerActive workbooks as part of a Moms Meet blogger program. All opinions are my own.

Starting Kindergarten with TinkerActive Workbooks

Learning about Weather, Seasons, and Sun

With summer coming to an end, it was the perfect time to talk about weather and the changing seasons. We had out first cool morning today, and we talked about how our clothing would be changing for the cooler weather. We’ll have to start wearing a light jacket in the morning!

Talking About Melting

My daughter loves playing with ice an watching it melt. We tested it out in the sun and the shade to see which melted first. Then we tested it on different surfaces.

Shadow Art

My older kids wanted to do this, too. It was a lot of fun! We used our plastic animals and traced their shadows. It was fun to do some art outdoors while enjoying the beautiful weather!

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Reverse Shadows

My daughter wanted to make the letter R as a shadow, so we used some natural materials to try it out.

Learning about Numbers, Counting and Sorting

The beginning of the books includes counting numbers up to 20. We had fun reviewing our numbers. My daughter loves the MotMots, which are cute, fuzzy creatures that appear throughout the books.

We went outside and did more counting and sorting while playing!

I love how these workbooks are so interactive. They’re great for visual, auditory and especially kinesthetic learners and aligned to common core standards!

Where to Purchase TinkerActive Workbooks

TinkerActive Workbooks are available wherever books are sold. To buy online click here.

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