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We’ve had Virgin Mobile as our wireless carrier for years paying about $35 per line per month for unlimited service. I had no complaints, but I’m always looking for ways to cut our budget. It was time for new phones, which led me to look for new carriers as well. We don’t use a lot of minutes and use very little data. I was hoping to find a carrier that would end up costing us less per month based on our lower usage. I looked at several options and we ended up choosing Ting. I’ll tell you a little bit about Ting in this post and include a Ting review about our experience so far!

Ting Pricing

With light data usage, our monthly charge would only be around $40 per month for both of our lines. It is usage based, so your bill can vary from month to month. They do have an app where you can track how much usage you have in the current billing cycle to prevent any unhappy surprises. I also keep my mobile data turned off when I’m not using it to prevent background usage. Additionally, my phone has a data saver feature that I pair with the NetGuard data saver app.

Here’s what our usage looks like about halfway through our billing cycle.

Ting Review

You can bring your own device or purchase one through Ting. We purchased the devices through Ting, because we needed new ones anyway. They arrived quickly with a Ting sim card and were super easy to activate. Ting can work with CDMA or GSM devices, so there are lots of options!

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Ting Review

So far, I have no complaints! The service has been great with no dropped calls. We haven’t traveled outside of Colorado yet, but I’ll update this review when we do! Our billing is set up with an automatic charge to our credit card, so that has been very convenient.

Have you used Ting? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

Ting Mobile

5 thoughts on “Ting Review – No Contract Mobile Phone Service”

  1. Wow! That would be amazing, unfortunately we use waaaaaay too much data, but that would be perfect for a couple family members who just want a phone for peace of mind.

  2. Hi Krystal, WOW! That is a huge savings! UGH I wish Canada would have similar rates to the United States as far as cell phone plans are concerned. Our plans aren’t anywhere as competitive. It’s true, so many people want all-inclusive plans so they don’t have to worry about overages, but if you are a light user, it’s likely advantageous to go with a plan that suits your usage needs. How amazing that Ting adjusts based on what you use.


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