There I am Storybooks: Put Your Child In the Story!

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When I stumbled across these books, I knew my daughter would love one! She’s at that stage where she loves seeing her picture. She smiles that adorable smile with her four teeth and says “cheese” every time she sees a photo of herself.

I contacted the company and they sent me a sample to share with you all. It is awesome and such a great gift idea for the upcoming holiday season!

Well, Rebekka loves flipping through this book with me. She always finds herself in the picture, points and says “cheese”. It’s really adorable.

I love that her name is in the story. It’s really engaging for her now, and as she gets older this will be great for recognition of the letters in her name.

She gets to drive trucks, go into space and have an undersea adventure all in one book

Here’s their promotional video. Take a look!

Books need to be ordered by end of November for Christmas delivery! They are also offering free shipping during November! Head over to their website to order or learn more!

Do you know someone who would love to see their picture in a book?

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