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I LOVE to say thank you, but I’m SO tired of writing thank you notes. It’s an exhausting process with 3 kids. I’m still going to keep sending thank you notes to out of town relatives. But, I really don’t feel that a thank you note is necessary if you were thanked in person. Moms, can we please just agree not to exchange a written thank you?

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My son’s birthday is near Christmas. Every year at this time, we have to write a ton of thank you notes. Lately, we’ve been combining his birthday thank you notes with our Christmas thank you notes, but it’s still a battle to get all of our thank you notes done. This year he had a birthday party for all of his little friends. Each gift from that party also requires a note. It gets a little tiring for him (and for me!) to write all of those.

If you figured he had 12 children at his party and each thank you note takes 5 minutes to write, we’re spending a total of an hour just to write all those thank you notes from the party. However, they usually take longer than 5 minutes to write as my son gets distracted. It takes a lot of my time to keep him on track, and there’s a lot of complaining. Add that to our Christmas gifts with 3 kids times 10 or so family memebers. It gets overwhelming.

We love your gift. We truly appreciate it. If it was a toy, my kids have probably been playing with it for hours! And I plan to tell you how awesome it is. If it was something to wear, I’ll try to remember to have them wear it the next time we see you. But, I’m not writing you a thank you note this year if you were personally thanked. Thank you for understanding! 🙂

What are your thought on thank you notes? Do you feel it is OK for a child to just thank you personally?

2 thoughts on “Thank You Notes: No Thank You”

  1. I totally agree with you on this one. Save the thank you notes for people you can’t thank in person, especially older relatives and friends who grew up writing and sending them.

  2. I never write thank you notes to birthday guests. I thank them in person. And it’s not because I am not grateful or never have enough cards, I just never thought it necessary and never stressed about it really. Sometimes my daughter likes to make her own cards and and thank you notes. I find that sweet and happily provide her with cardstock. That’s all. Thinking about it now I do not ever remember getting a thank you card from any of the birthday parties my kids visited. So I would guess that not many people stress about them either. That being said, I do send or give out thank you notes for other reasons – whenever someone went out of their way to help me out was just very kind. I love doing those random sort of notes.


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