Teaching coding to kids: Top products and free websites

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My son really got into coding at a camp last summer. We have found a bunch of great resources to help him continue learning about coding at home. We even got the toddler involved. Teaching coding to kids is really helpful in developing logic skills. Check out my favorite free online resources, toys and books to help your kids learn more about coding!

Teaching Coding to kids

Our Favorite Coding Books for Kids

Coder Academy
This book is a great introduction to coding for elementary-aged kids.

Coding for Beginners Using Scratch
This can be used along with the free coding website designed by MIT called Scratch.

Our Favorite Coding Toys

The Ozobot is suggested for ages 6 and up. You don’t need screend to interact with the Ozobot. It will follow lines and respond to color codes on the lines. I suggest getting their markers, because regular markers are not typically thick enough.

Dash and Dot
We have a dash, which you can move around the room. Dot is fixed in one position. Dash is controlled from an app. As the child progresses through the app, they can move into a real block style code to control the behavior. There are lots of optional accessories like a xylophone and a launcher.

Botley is recommended for ages 5 to 8 years. No screens required to code him!

The suggested ages for this toy are 2 to 8 years, but I think 2 – 5 years is more accurate. It’s a great introduction to coding for young children. You simply change the order of the pieces to create a new pattern. It’s bright and cute and keeps the child engaged.

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Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

This is a great problem solving activity where you give the mouse the correct instructions to progress through the maze.

Free Online Resources for Teaching Coding to Kids

Scratch is a free site from MIT, where kids can create stories and games.

Code.org is a free learn-to-code platform.

Teaching coding to kids

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  1. How cool that there are so many great products for kids to learn coding. I love that they are making products geared to younger kids too. I’ll have to check these out for my kids.


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