How to Teach Kids to Brush and Floss their Teeth

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It’s important to teach kids to brush and floss their teeth correctly at an early age. They will (hopefully) continue the good habits as they get older. Be sure to ask you dentist, but ours told us that kids should be brushing completely independently until around age 8. If your child is younger, they can still help out. You’ll just need to help get tough areas and check their work!

Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Make sure you are brushing long enough and getting all sides of the teeth. If your child wants to be in control, let them brush first. Then, take a turn after them. Brushing to a timer or a song can help keep them brushing for the recommended 2 minutes. Make brushing fun. Get a toothbrush with a favorite character! You can get an electric toothbrush designed for kids to make it more fun!

Brushing Activity (With Letter Practice!)

Teaching Kids to Floss Their Teeth

If kids have teeth that are touching, they need to floss. This takes a lot of dexterity, so they may need some help! You’ll want to explain how and why teeth need to be flossed.

Flossing Activities

There are so many great interactive ways to teach kids about flossing using supplies you probably already have on hand.

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Teach Kids to Brush and Floss their Teeth

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7 thoughts on “How to Teach Kids to Brush and Floss their Teeth”

  1. My little girl is 1 years old, she likes brushing her teeth. But the problem is she doesn’t spit out the toothpaste instead she taste it and eat it no matter what I warn!!!
    I just want to know if it’s harmful to her and how can I tell her to quit? Btw, thanks for sharing some great ideas to make teeth brushing more easier !

  2. This is all good info and I tried very hard with my children to make sure they brushed properly. They are older now but still have a hard time flossing.


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