How to Get Kids Talking at the Dinner Table

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With our fast-paced lifestyle, there isn’t time to talk to each other as much as we’d like. Our schedule is pretty packed, and meals are usually the best time for us to talk about our day. I’m going to share my tips to get your family to have great conversations at the dinner table.

How to Start Talking at the Dinner Table

Put the Technology Away
Chick-Fil-A pioneered the cell phone coop idea by putting boxes on their tables for customers to enjoy a tech free meal with their families. We don’t allow any technology at our dinner table either. I actually created a cute graphic for our cell phone coop! If you want the graphic to use at home, you can access it here.

Talking at the Dinner Table

Just Start Talking
If the adults at the table strike up a conversation, the kids will eventually want to join in. Just don’t start talking about boring adult stuff. Casually discuss the latest play space that is opening in town or talk about your children’s interests.

Use Conversation Starter Questions or Cards

If you ask the right questions, you can get people talking.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

– What was the best thing that happened to you today?

– Did you try anything new today?

– What have you been reading/watching/playing lately?

For younger kids:

– What toys did you play with today?

– What do you want to do tomorrow?

Be sure to check out this list of good conversation starting questions.

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Try to avoid questions that can be answered with just a yes or no. For example, just asking if your child had a good day could make for a VERY short conversation. Questions that require some explanation work best!

If you need more ideas, a set of conversation cards is a lot of fun. You can pull a few out each night to keep the questions fresh.

Put the Kids in Charge
Tell them they can ask you anything they want. What do they want to talk about tonight? But, be prepared for some REALLY interesting dinner table conversation!

How do you get your kids talking at the dinner table?

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