Stop Rushing Childhood

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I have three children, and my youngest just turned one year
old this month.  I want to put on the
brakes.  Her babyhood passed in the blink
of an eye.  But, I treasured every
moment.  I enjoyed every smile, every
laugh and every first.  I’m even enjoying
writing this post with baby in my lap and drool running down my arm.  I’m happy to have a baby in the family.  I don’t feel like I’m missing out.  I don’t want her to grow up yet.  I don’t want my older children to grow up too
quickly either.  I love that they are a
little bit sheltered.  I love their
simple innocence. They have plenty of time to grow up.

Not everyone feels the same way, though.  I have a lot of family and friends who are
wishing my children grown.  But, I want
them to enjoy the stage we’re at right now. 
The play at the park, peek-a-boo, hide and seek stage is really not so
bad.  And, you’ve only got one shot at
it.  Soon the kids will all be too
cool.  They won’t want your company. So,
build that relationship, take those hugs and make a kid’s day.

I’ve heard a few too many times recently, “I can’t wait
until …”

You can’t wait until my kids are old enough for sleepovers?

Well, I can.

You can’t wait until they get involved in sports?

Well, I can.

You can’t wait until the kids are old enough to take on that

Well, I can.

I can wait. I can enjoy the stage they are at right now. I’m
not ready to fly through their childhoods and rush them to experience new
things. Let’s enjoy the here and now. 
The time for those other things will come. Don’t wait to start enjoying
their childhood.

I can wait because I know every first is also a last.  I know every first is a one-time moment to be
treasured.  I don’t want these moments to
fly by so quickly. 

I know young children can be difficult to manage and
difficult to love at times. They make eating out at a restaurant nearly
impossible.  Their schedules make
planning things difficult. They turn into werewolves if they are up past
bedtime.  They sometimes make me
unavailable.  But, I wouldn’t change a

I want you to embrace where my children are at this
moment.  I’m not asking you to change
diapers, wipe noses or take on the sleepless nights.  I’m just asking for your attention and your
time. You may not be able to take them skiing right now, but they’d love to dig
in the dirt with you.  You may not be
able to go get pedicures, but we have some really awesome dress up clothes
downstairs.  We may not be able to jet
across the country, but we can take a safari in the backyard. Go, enjoy the

Do you enjoy the stage your kids are in?  How do you deal with others who want your
kids to grow up too quickly?

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4 thoughts on “Stop Rushing Childhood”

  1. well i can too! i'm starting to melt down a little bit knowing that next fall my youngest will be in kindergarten! trying to soak it all in now! i truly thank god for every day. even the hard ones…

  2. Yes! I sometimes wish my kids were older…as they are throwing tantrums….but then at the same time want them to stay little forever. I know I am too often looking to the next stage. Thanks for the great reminder to enjoy them at the stage they are at right now.


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