SnoofyBee Changing Pad Review

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My daughter is 15 months old. Lately, every time I try to change a dirty diaper, she manages to end up with a handful of poop! Needless to say, the rest of the diaper change is not very pleasant! I searched online and found this changing pad that helps to keep little hands clean. Where was this idea for my first two kids?! It’s brilliant, and the company is going to send a SnoofyBee to one of my lucky readers! Read on to learn more about the giveaway!


I’m on kid number three, and I am pretty much a minimalist about baby gear. I never carry a diaper bag anymore, but this changing pad folds up to a compact size that is perfect for on the go!

Check out this Youtube video to see how easy this is:


I like that it unfolds quickly. The top folds around the child and is secured by Velcro. It’s easy to do, even if your little one is a wiggler like mine. You can attach a toy (or two) with a thin loop using the two snaps on the edge of the cone. Some of our ring toys fit, but the thicker ones did not.


The SnoofyBee is also really easy to wipe down! I also feel like it really gets clean and doesn’t hold odor like some other changing pads I’ve used throughout the years.


Once I snapped a toy on, and my daughter was totally distracted throughout the process. I was worried that she might fight being confined, but she didn’t mind at all. Diaper changes just got a whole lot easier!

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Now, I want one of my fabulous readers to win a SnoofyBee! You must be 18+ and reside in the US or Canada to enter. This giveaway is sponsored by Healthy Happy Thrifty Family and will be fulfilled by SnoofyBee. Good Luck!

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61 thoughts on “SnoofyBee Changing Pad Review”

  1. Pretty Amazing. My hardest changing is in public restrooms. She hates the pop out table. This would distract her for sure! No more handsin poo either!

  2. I can see this being super handy. I have a 3 week old and he is already a handful during dialer changes! The cone top would help to keep his hands under control.

  3. My daughter has recently had a new baby . Since she and her husband are traveling for the next couple of years and trying to minimize the things they take along, this would be the perfect thing for her. It will also keep the little wiggle worm accessible during changing.

  4. I’m kind of an old school, minimalist when it comes to baby stuff. I never liked packing things around and cringe when I see parents today with their arms and shoulders loaded down. But….this is a winner! I would have bought one “back in the day.” I really like the baby having something to grab, chew, hold on to – great distractions!

  5. This changing pad is amazing! Looks like it would really help with a squirmy baby!! Would love to win as my little one is about to start crawling

  6. I love how accessible it keeps the baby. I’m babysitting during the day and this would help so much when I take the little munchkin with me on trips to sporting events

  7. My favorite thing about the SnoofyBee Changing Pad is that it is a water-resistant surface that is easy to clean! I also like that you can clip toys to it to distract your little one!

  8. I love how portable and cleanable it is. I would love to win and use it for my little one whenever I go out, especially for traveling!
    Thank You for the chance


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