When The Kids Are Bouncing Off The Walls – Head to Sky Zone

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I took my two oldest kids to Sky Zone Colorado Springs for the first time on Saturday. It was amazing!

Their main jumping area was separated by size, so kids on one side and adults on the other. Both of my kids spent most of their time here. I tried it out, too! It was a great workout!

Sky Zone Colorado Springs



Sky Slam

My son loved the basketball “Sky Slam” area. He was a nervous at first but finally made a few shots after some practice!




Foam Zone

We also tried out the “Foam Zone” where you bounce into a pit of foam cubes. The kids really liked this, too. I think they would have taken a nap in those cubes if they could have! It was mostly kids doing this, but adults could jump in, too!



They also had dodgeball (both adults and kids) and volleyball (all ages) going on while we were there. We didn’t get to those, but they seemed pretty popular. The place is huge! You could move around and switch activities whenever you wanted. It was definitely busy, but didn’t feel too crowded. There were short lines of 2 or 3 people to do the Sky Jump and Foam Zone. We spent 60 minutes there, but the kids could have easily jumped longer.

I really appreciated that it was really clean. Most importantly, there were a lot of employees looking out for safety issues and encouraging the kids! I really felt like things were well monitored and that the kids weren’t likely to get hurt by people being careless.

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They have a toddler time and a home school jump, which would also work great for us. We had a great time and will definitely be back!


Sky Zone Video

Here’s a YouTube video with some clips from our visit to Sky Zone!

Have you been to Sky Zone? What activities do you and your kids enjoy most?

8 thoughts on “When The Kids Are Bouncing Off The Walls – Head to Sky Zone”

  1. I will be honest and say that this place makes me so nervous! My 3 year old loves her trampoline, and is good at jumping on it at home, but there is no way I could just let her run free there. Maybe when she gets older, but then I have trust issues with the other kids. Are they just going to bounce right into her? Total mom stresses!

  2. Ooooo they have a place like this in Orlando like 5 minutes from where I use to live. Use to have a blast going there


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