5 Important Signs of Healthy Toddlers

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There are plenty of way to raise healthy toddlers. In this post, I’m going to share some signs that your toddler is healthy and on track developmentally.

Healthy Toddler

1. They’re Growing

As babies grow into toddlers, those well baby pediatrician visits start to get spaced further apart. It’s a great idea to monitor your child’s weight at home to make sure they are gaining weight appropriately between visits. We have the EatSmart Precision Baby and Pet Check Scale.

This digital baby scale provides reliable weight readings in 0.5 oz increments up to 44 lbs. It also allows you to easily deduct the weight of a toy, diaper, or blanket with the tare function. You can also save your child’s current weight with the Memory button. Before your baby’s next weigh-in, simply press the Memory Recall button to reference your child’s previous weight reading and track development in seconds!

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2. They’re Social

Toddlers should start to interact with other children. As they approach their preschool years, they’ll start playing together rather than just in parallel. You’ll also start to notice your toddler reacting to your emotions, such as being concerned if you are upset. You may also notice them sharing (when they want to!). They’ll also want to show you everything they’re doing, becoming more independent as they get older.

3. They’re Eating Well

If you follow me on instagram, you know that we try to eat healthy meals. Toddlers can have their own taste preferences. Since toddlers are often trying to exert their independence, they may not be willing to try something on the first offering. Sometimes, you’ll need to introduce a food multiple times before it becomes a hit.

Toddlers typically start to show interest in using utensils before age 2, but will still use their fingers frequently. My three year old can easily navigate a fork or spoon.

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Toddler portion sizes are not very big. It’s normal for toddlers to eat three small meals per day, along with a few snacks.

4. They’re Interested in New Things

Toddlers have a natural sense of curiosity. Make sure to have lots of positive ways for them to learn new things and explore. Toddlers mostly learn through play and enjoy being active. They can also develop a very creative imagination and start to enjoy pretend play. This is a great age to offer lots of sensory play opportunities. Toddlers should also show an interest in books and reading. It’s important that you’re reading to your toddler on a daily basis.

5. They’re Sleeping Well

A regular routine and sleep schedule are so important. Healthy toddlers need 10 to 14 hours of sleep per day, which includes naps. Most toddlers will drop their nap by 3 to 4 years of age, although some do it earlier. My kids dropped their naps at a really early age, though they would sometimes snooze in the car.

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Important Signs of Healthy Toddlers

6 thoughts on “5 Important Signs of Healthy Toddlers”

  1. These are good indicators of toddlers progressing. It is good for them to have the consistency of getting enough sleep etc. There are so many important parts of their development at this age, it is key to make sure they are getting the nurturing they need.

  2. We’ve got 4 out of 5. While my son eats healthy portions and has a pretty healthy diet, he still refuses most veggies (except cucumbers). But I continue to offer (and hide!) them, hoping this phase ends soon.


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