Making Shirts for the 100th Day of School

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We’ve been working on shirts this week for the 100th day of school. They’ve been a lot of fun but also a ton of work! We did most of our work with this party pack of fabric paint so we had a large variety of colors.

Making Shirts for the 100th Day of School

Cat Shirt for the 100th Day

My kindergarten girl wanted to put 100 cats on her shirt and this was by far the most work. We put ten larger cat faces on the front and squeezed 90 tiny cat heads on the back. She wanted to do most of the work herself so this doesn’t look perfect, but she is one proud crafter! I wrote the “100 Purrfect Days of School” on the front for my little cat lover!

Fireworks Shirt for the 100th Day

My middle child wanted to keep hers really simple and make 100 fireworks. She chose to do ten of each color. Rather than drawing with the paint tips, she put a dot of paint and used a toothpick to spread the fireworks into shape.

Minecraft Shirt

My son isn’t celebrating his 100th day of school, but still wanted to make a shirt. This creeper has 110 blocks but you could do it with 100 if needed. We used 1 inch by 1 inch square blocks.

Here are a couple of other fun 100th day shirt ideas:

I’ve Been Bugging My Teacher for 100 Days from Where The Smiles Have Been

100 Magical Days (Unicorn) SVG from Etsy

100 Days Smarter SVG (free) from See Lindsay

Eye Survived 100 Days (Monster) SVG from Etsy

Making Shirts for the 100th Day of School

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