Swimming Fun at SafeSplash Colorado Springs

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If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve probably seen me posting about Kanyon and Viktoria taking swimming lessons. We’ve now been taking lessons at SafeSplash for a month now, and it has been a great experience! Keep reading for my review and all the details on what you can expect from your lessons!

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Both kids were pretty scared of the water before we started classes. Kanyon finally started to get a little braver at the beginning of the summer, so I knew it was time to get him in lessons.

To register with SafeSplash, I filled out an online registration form and was called back to select a class level and time that was right for my kids. They have different levels based on swimming ability, and they asked me some questions to help pick the right ones! Class sizes have varied between 1 and 3 students while we have been taking lessons, and they never have more than 4 students per class. Once per month, they have a Splash N Tell where you can watch poolside, get feedback and ask questions.

SafeSplash Colorado Springs – one month update!

Viktoria is still pretty timid, but she has been getting a little braver each week. Before she started lessons, she would not put her face underwater at all. She has been doing a little more each week. She’s now willing to briefly stick her face in the water and blow bubbles.

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SafeSplash Colorado Springs

SafeSplash Colorado Springs

SafeSplash Colorado Springs

Kanyon has made such incredible progress. He has been making huge gains each week. He can now float on his back and on his front. He is getting pretty good at diving down to pick up rings. And, this past week he swam across the pool without stopping. It’s amazing when you consider that he learned all of this in just 4 lessons.

SafeSplash Colorado Springs

SafeSplash Colorado Springs

SafeSplash Colorado Springs

Here are some other things I love about SafeSplash:

  1. Warm water – The kids don’t complain about being cold! The temperature in the pool area is really warm, too. So, they don’t start shivering as soon as they hop out.

  2. Awesome instructors – Both instructors have been super patient with the kids. They are fun, energetic and they gently encourage the kids to try the new skills.

  3. Great waiting area – My youngest can walk around, play with toys and I can still watch the lessons through the large windows. There’s plenty of benches and tables, and plenty of space. Extra bonus: They have wi-fi!

  4. Treats – Ok, my kids made me put this one on here! They get a lollipop or a sticker at the end of their lesson.

  5. No grungy locker rooms – This one is super important to me. They have *clean* showers right next to the pool area to spray off. Then, they have a bunch a individual changing areas to get dressed. I can take all of the kids in together if I need to.

Connect with SafeSplash

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Here is a short clip from the SafeSplash Colorado Springs location that we attend:


Safesplash has locations across the country! Find a location near you.

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  1. Sounds like a great place, and like your kids are really doing well. I need to get my boys some lessons this Fall, since we missed taking this summer. Hopefully, we have a place like this one.


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