How to Repurpose Used Candles

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We all know that we should have candles on hand for emergencies. They are also great to have around the house for ambiance and reducing energy costs. I end up with a lot of used candles at home that can’t be burned anymore, but still have wax left. I hate to throw them away!

Do you have a favorite candle that you’ve burned all the way down? Instead of tossing it in the trash, here are a few things you can do with it!

Make New Candles
This is probably the most common repurposing idea. Use the leftover wax to make new candles. If you do this, you’ll want to save up several old candles, so you have enough wax to make a new one.

Make DIY Wax Melts
If you have leftover wax, you can also make your own wax melts for wax warmers (like Scensty). Here is a great tutorial. It is possible to add essential oils to the wax as well.

Make Firestarters
If you camp or have a fireplace, you can use your old candles to make firestarters. Here are some good instructions. You’ll be placing combustible materials like cotton balls and twigs in forms of egg cartons or toilet paper rolls filled with melted wax.

Fix the End of a Shoelace
If you lose the plastic end on your lace, you can dip the end in melted wax to keep it from fraying.

Stop Squeaky Doors
Rubbing candle wax on your hinges can help stop the squeak! It can also help with a door that sticks.

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Fix a Sticky Zipper
Just unzip and rub some candle wax over the area that sticks. You’ll want to zip and unzip a few times to make sure the wax gets spread out.

Patch your Window Caulk
Do you have cracks or gaps in your window caulking? Wax is a great temporary fix for small spots without having to re-caulk the entire area.

Touch up your Furniture
If you have knicks in your furniture, fill them with wax. Then use a furniture marker to match the color!

Have you tried any of these? Do you know of any other uses for old candles?

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  1. My husband and I use the wax from our wax warmer to make a new layered candle once the wax no longer smells good. Our layered candle won’t smell nice or look pretty, but it’s functional! We’ve also scraped the little bits from small candles in jars. My husband loosened up the wax by putting the jars in a pan of boiling water.


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