Recycle Rally – Ideas to Make Recycling Fun

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Back to School is the perfect time to start recycling! It’s never too late to start, and the beginning of a school year is a great time to encourage kids to get into a recycling routine! I’ve included some ideas to make recycling fun in this post. And, we’re doing a recycling project to make even more fun at our house. Keep reading to find out the details!

Recycle Rally

Recycle Rally is a free program for schools nationwide that provides valuable incentives and resources to help make recycling fun and rewarding. This program makes getting started easy if you’re just starting to recycle.

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Ideas to Make Recycling Fun

1. Make it a Game
Turning your recycling into a game makes it more fun. Let the kids earn points to see who brings in the most recyclables or create a fun way to get rid of your recyclables. We created a basketball hoop that you’ll see later in the post!

2. Get Crafty
Use your recyclables in a new way. We love to turn cardboard boxes into space ships or castles before they find their way to the recycle bin. You can create musical instruments or art projects. You’re only limited by your imagination! My daughter recently made this robot from recycled materials.

3. Involve Others
Get your school or neighborhood excited about recycling, too. Have the kids get together with friends for a recycling drive or parade!

4. Tour your local Recycling Center
Nothing is more exciting than seeing how things work behind the scenes. Find out if your recycling center allows visitors to see the process!

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Our Recycling Project

To start our school year, we decided to make recycling more fun by building basketball hoops for our recycling area. We re-purposed some juice bottles to make the hoops. Now we can shoot and sort every time we recycle. The kids are loving it!

What do you do to get your kids involved in recycling?

Ideas to Make Recycling Fun

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