Recipes to use Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey – That You’ll Actually Want to Eat!

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Do you always struggle to find ways to use up all of that turkey on the days following Thanksgiving? I’ve got an assortment of recipes to use leftover thanksgiving turkey – from sandwiches to soup to casseroles, you’re going to find a new way to use up that turkey in this post. Enjoy!

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Recipes to use Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a great way to use up leftover turkey. Without using the oven, you can quickly assemble a lunch to feed the who crowd.

Turkey Cranberry Grilled Sandwich with Orange Tarragon Mustard
via The Spice Train

The Leftover Turkey Sandwich With Preserved Lemons
via The Organic Kitchen

Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich
via The Life Jollie

Turkey Stews & Soups

Stews and soups are a hearty way to beat the cold days ahead. Eat them right away or freeze to pull out on your next snowy day!

Turkey Stew
via Low Carb Yum

Creamy Turkey Taco Soup
via Peace Love and Low Carb

Turkey Vegetable and Rice Soup
via Delicious Obsessions

Turkey Casseroles

Casseroles are a great way to bring turkey back to life. They’re also a great way to feed the whole family if you still have house guests hanging around!

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole (but use Turkey!)
via Wholesome Yum

Turkey Enchilada Skillet Casserole
via Adventures of Mel

Turkey Enchilada Bake (Gluten Free)
via Hungry Hobby

Turkey Pasta Skillet
via An Italian in My Kitchen

Other Recipes to use Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Here are a few more ideas. From bread to breakfast to salad, there’s a turkey recipe to please every palate.

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Sweet Potato Turkey Hash
via Around my Family Table

Simple Green Salad with Leftover Turkey
via Raia’s Recipes

Turkey and Stuffing Crescents
via Adventures of Mel

Turkey Cranberry and Blue Cheese Pizza
via Around My Family Table

Savory Cornbread with Turkey and Cheese
via The Worktop

Leftover Turkey Recipes

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