Rainbow Dragon Craft

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I’m thrilled to be participating in Read It-Make It Book Week hosted by Emma Owl.


We’ve been reading Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon. I’ll be featuring that book in the “What We’re Reading” post later this month, so check back! I came up with this simple but fun rainbow dragon craft idea to do after reading the book.

Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon


A Rainbow Dragon Craft with Fire Breathing Action!

We used party blow-out noise makers. I usually toss them after a birthday, but they work great for a fire breathing dragon that loves color!

We found straws that were similar in size and taped them on.

Party BlowOut

Then, we taped the straw with the blow-out inside a toilet paper tube as shown. Notice how I partially folded down one side of the tube.

Toilet Paper Tube

Assembled Dragon Craft

We used this printable from ClipArtBest.com to color and paste on the tube as the head. I printed it using the 4×6 photo option on my printer to get it to be the right size.

Rainbow Dragon Craft

My kids played with these for quite a while. They were definitely a hit! Beware the fire-breathing rainbow dragons!

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft

Rainbow Dragon Craft

Rainbow Dragon

I hope you enjoyed the Rainbow Dragon Craft! Have you read Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon?

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