Cooking Up Some Fun with Raddish Kids

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This is a sponsored post. We were provided with a free kit in exchange for our honest review.

Raddish Kids is a monthly cooking subscription box for kids. My kids already help a lot in the kitchen and were very excited to try this out. Here’s Viktoria Check out our unboxing video:

The Raddish Kids kit came with three recipes, a shopping list, an apron match, a garlic mincer, game suggestions and some fun table talk cards! There’s also additional content available online for kit. I loved that they offered a way to customize the recipes for special dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Once we got all of our ingredients we planned our family date night! Here are the kids introducing their dishes and prepping the meal:

The garlicky green beans were a simple but delicious recipe. The big excitement for this recipe was using the new garlic mincer! We also got to use some of the fresh green beans out of our garden, At 9 years old, she needed very minimal help to complete the recipe. Though, she did need to be supervised at the stove.

The chicken parmesan was so good! My 11 year old did most of the work himself. Dad helped trim and cut the chicken. My son dipped it and prepared it in the pan. He even put it in and out of the oven. He was very proud to provide the entree for our meal.

My littlest helper helped make dessert. The grown ups and older siblings had to help a lot at the stove. But, my 5 year old was happy to arrange things on the tray! She was very excited to show off “her” dessert.

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The kids have talked about how much fun this was and can’t wait for their next Raddish Kids box!

Have you tried Raddish Kids? Tell me about your experience in the comments! Want to give it a try? Head over to the Raddish Kids Website to learn more!

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  1. Wow, this is such a great way for kids to be interested in learning how to cook and expand their skill sets! I love subscription boxes and didn’t know there’s one especially for this. Thank you for the detailed review 🙂


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