Being Prepared for the Coronavirus COVID-19 – without Panicking!

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With the recent CDC warning about the Coronavirus, I wanted to become more informed about what we may be dealing with soon. It’s always scary when an outbreak occurs, but there is no reason to panic if you have the right information to keep yourself safe!

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The information in this post is sourced from the CDC Coronavirus information page and WebMD. I’m not a doctor, and this is not considered medical advice. I’m just a mom making sure her family is prepared!

How can you you get the Coronavirus COVID-19?

The Coronavirus spreads through very close contact or through respiratory droplets (from coughing or sneezing). It is possible to get the virus by touching a contaminated object, but it’s not the main way that it spreads. The coronavirus is about twice as contagious as the regular seasonal flu. The elderly have been more susceptible to the virus than children.

How can you prevent the Coronavirus COVID-19?

Many of the prevention strategies are similar to what you would do to stay healthy in the winter when the seasonal flu is going around. Face masks should be used by those showing symptoms to minimize the spread or their respiratory droplets. There is little evidence to support that the use of face masks will help you from becoming infected. If you do purchase masks, make sure they are rated N95 or above.

1. Keep Your Hands Clean
You should wash your hands frequently, especially before eating or touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Make sure to lather up your hands and wash for at least a full 20 seconds for maximum effect. Hand sanitizer is also helpful, but not as effective as hand washing.

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2. Keep surfaces clean
In the home, make sure to clean and disinfect surfaces, especially when someone is ill. When you’re out of the house, clean surfaces that you will come in contact with. For example, wipe you shopping cart down before using it. Be mindful of your contact with surfaces such as elevator buttons, door handles and railings.

3. Keep your immune system strong
It’s seems that your best defense if you do get the coronavirus, is being healthy enough to fight it without any serious complications. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and drinking enough water. Also, be sure you are eating a healthy diet including plenty of essential vitamins. There is evidence that vitamin D may help fight viruses and that vitamin D deficiency may make you more susceptible to them. Vitamins A and C are also known for their immune boosting powers.

4. Limit Travel
Travel to countries with reported cases should be avoided. At the time of this writing, this includes China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and Iran.

What else can you do?

Make sure that you have a plan in case of an outbreak in your area. Consider work and school implications. Additionally, make a plan and have supplies on hand in case someone does get sick. Prepare with over-the-counter pain relievers, disinfectants and face masks. You should also have prescription medications for all family members well-stocked. Having a supply of food in the pantry that can last at least two weeks is recommended if there is an outbreak in your area.

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  1. We have been so careful about washing our hands. As soon as we get home, everyone washes their hands! Definitely helps to use all a lot of these tips on a regular basis, especially during cold and flu season.


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