Potty Training Videos and Books for Toddlers

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Potty training is such a memorable toddler moment. There was a lot of cleaning, but also a lot of happy memories! We’ve accumulated a few potty training videos and books over the years. I’m going to share our favorites with you!

Potty Training Videos and Books for Toddlers

Elmo’s Potty Time

If your child loves Elmo, they’ll love this DVD! It was always a favorite. Elmo talks about his potty training experience with some of his sesame street friends. There’s a few live videos mixed in. Bonus: you’ll even find out how toilet paper is made!

Once Upon a Potty

There is a book and a DVD specific to either boys or girls. We have the girl version and it talks a bit more about where pee and poop come from than the other choices. There’s a catchy (and slightly annoying) potty song that my girls loved. In fact, I remember watching this with them while they were sitting on the potty and signing along many times. They really loved the main character Prudence.

Potty by Leslie Patricelli

We love Leslie Patricelli books and this one is no exception. It answers the question: “Should I go in my potty?” I love the illustrations, and it’s a short but fun read!

Usborne – What is Poop

Everybody Potties!

Cute board book that talks about what it feels like when you need to potty and how to ask for help.

Potty Power DVD

This DVD is for boy or girls, although I think it is a bit more directed toward girls. The same company also has a princess (for girls) or pirate (for boys) version. I recommend this DVD for slightly older kids, maybe three and up.

Daniel Tiger

Here’s a free, cute Youtube clip!

Do you have a favorite potty training book or DVD? Tell me in the comments!

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