Stress Free Potty Training Tips

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Potty training doesn’t have to be stressful. There seems to be an expectation that potty training needs to be done in a certain amount of time or by a certain age, but things go much smoother when you train on your child’s schedule. I’ve potty trained two children, and I’m working on my third. I always follow their lead. In this post, I’m going to share our experiences and some potty training tips to get you started!

Potty Training My Kids

My oldest child (boy) potty trained just before two years old. He was the easiest to train so far. I think it was easier because he was my only child at the time. I could give my full attention to potty training and help him avoid accidents. He loved to stand up and use his toddler urinal and hated being in a dirty diaper (we used cloth diapers at the time).

My middle child (girl) has always been very stubborn. She wasn’t fully potty trained until after she turned three. I tried a couple of times before that, but she was never very interested. She didn’t mind being in a dirty diaper, so she was in no rush.

My youngest child (girl) is potty training right now. She is two and half and just started asking to use the potty. We didn’t try with her any earlier because we are on the go a lot with activities, and didn’t think it would be successful. She has made it a few days in a row without an accident, so we’re letting her wear big girl undies!

Signs of Potty Training Readiness

Potty Training Readiness Signs

Potty Training Tips

Talk about the Potty
I did this using books, videos, and anytime I took my kids to the bathroom with me.

Be Patient and Positive
Even when making good progress, there will be accidents. It’s important to keep it positive and be understanding, even when you’re cleaning up a puddle of pee. You can’t expect results overnight.

Make it Fun
Whether you use stickers, snacks or high fives, making it fun is key. Keep favorite books,small toys or electronics near the potty to encourage sitting longer.

Offer reminders
Once they figure out how to go, they still need reminders about when to go. Check in frequently or set a timer as a reminder. Always ask them to go before meals, leaving the house or changing activities.

Buy lots of fun underwear
If your child has accidents, you still want clean pairs available. Choose a few different designs and make it a big deal to be wearing undies!

Keep a change of clothes handy
With my older kids, we kept an extra set of clothes in the diaper bag. Now that I don’t use a diaper bag, we just keep it in the car.

Keep clothing simple
Make sure you dress your child in something that will be easy to remove in a hurry. While we were training, I often let my kids wear just a shirt and underwear in the house.

Keep a potty in the car
We had a small Ikea potty in the car at all times for emergencies. It saved us from wet clothes more than once.

Have cleaning products on hand
Accidents are inevitable. You’ll want to be ready to clean urine out of carpeting or mattresses.

Do you have any potty training tips to add? What worked for you?

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Potty Training Tips

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  1. My toddler is *just about* at that age where I’m starting to wonder about potty training. And obviously, because I answered “no” to ALL those questions, he isn’t. Thanks for the share, this has been a question I’ve wondered

  2. I can recommend an ebook about potty train a child, thanks to it I potty trained 2 my kids without any trouble! The ebook is short so in 30 mins I knew what and how to do! Got it here and I saw it also on Amazon. My whole family and friends with kids used the same ebook to potty train their child and they all succeed! Really nice help! I recommend it!

    • I know this guide – I used it two times with my two kids and we succeed each time! Great tips and what is the most important they work! Great help!


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