Peep and Egg Puppet Craft

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Today’s Picture Book Month theme is birds and we’re reading Peep and Egg by Laura Gehl. I’ve got a cute (and free!) printable Peep and Egg Puppet Craft for you as well!

We loved this book! It about a chick trying to convince an egg to hatch!


Download the printable puppet pieces here. You’ll also need wooden craft sticks. I used two craft sticks taped together on the egg that opens to get enough length.


You’ll need some small strips of paper to attach the cut outs to the wooden craft sticks. For the egg that opens, be sure to glue the stick the the bottom part of the egg and just gle the edges to the top part of the egg so the stick can slide through freely.




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2 thoughts on “Peep and Egg Puppet Craft”

  1. I loooove this!! So cute! I used to make something similar in my classroom with a groundhog for Groundhog’s Day. You can kind of alter this project to make anything you want pop out of an egg or whatever (the groundhog popped out from behind a little hill). So cute!!


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