Patriotic Firecracker Wind Catcher Craft from a Recycled Bottle

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Here’s a fun patriotic craft that makes a great decoration. This kids can help make this! Also, be sure to check out this Patriotic Star Craft for Toddlers from Fab Working Mom Life!

Plastic Bottle
White, Red, Blue Construction Paper
Scissors, Tape, Glue Stick, Awl, String
Stars Template

Step 1: Cut out stars using the stars template. Cut 4-5 strips each of white and red construction paper into strips about 1 inch wide. Cut blue construction paper into 10 strips 1/4 inch wide. Bend the ends of the blue construction paper over a little.

Step 2: Attach the blue pieces evenly around the mouth of the bottle using tape.

Step 3: Attach alternating strips of red and white to the bottle using tape or glue stick.

Step 4: Use a awl to punch a hole on each side of the bottle (an adult should do this). Feed string through the holes and tie ends together.

Step 4: Attach stars to the ends of the blue strips using tape or glue stick.

Hang and enjoy!

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