How often does your child need a bath?

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How often does your child need a bath? It seems like an innocent question, but it really stirred up some debate in a local mommy facebook group. There are really lots of factors that need to be considered to answer this question.

How often does your child need a bath?

I asked my fellow bloggers to tell me how often the bathe their kids and why! Answers ranged from more than once per day to once per week. The official recommendation from the American Academy of Dermatology suggests once or twice per week, and then daily once they hit puberty. My kids typically get a bath twice per week, and many of the moms agreed.

“Our kiddos are 4 & 2. They get baths about 3x a week unless super dirty”Danielle from Coffee Grace and Tomato Paste

“2 baths a week for my kiddos! Partly because I’m lazy and partly because I just don’t think they get that dirty. I do have two girls though, so if I had boys it might be a different story!”Melinda from Unfrazzled Mama

However, every child and situation is different. Here are the major factors that helped moms decide how often their kids needed to be in the tub!

Bedtime Routines

Most moms with structured bedtime routines said they bathed their kids every night. When my kids were infants, we were more regular about it, too. A bath right before bed seemed to relax them and get them ready to sleep.

“It was so helpful for my kids to bathe every night when they needed a bedtime routine. They would play and wind down. It’s crazy amounts of fun for them. After a certain age. In our case, 6 they would bath every other night.”Maria from Tinselbox

“I bathe my toddler ever night! Although he stays at home, my husband and I just make it a mission to build a routine with bath time!”Shanika from Orchids and Sweet Tea

“My threenager takes a bath before bed every night. It’s part of the routine even to put her in for just a few minutes. And it makes me feel better that she’s washing off any germs before getting in bed. Some or most nights she’s not a fan of getting in, but once she’s in we can’t get her out! But, we always sing a fun song and carry her around the house in the towel singing when we get her out. The whole family just likes the routine of it and it signals the start of bedtime for us.”Tesse from Millenial Housewife

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“This may sound crazy, but I bathe my kids every night. I have a sweet 4 year old girl and a spunky 1 1/2 year old girl. After a full day of playing and being a kid they just need it. They also have fun just splashing and playing in the bath too. It’s become part of our nighttime routine. Now….if I could only get a shower every night that would be amazing!”Jayme from Teacher Turned Mom

Schedules – Bathing when it’s Convenient

Families with busy schedules are just squeezing in bath times when they can. Weeknights can be pretty chaotic once kids hit school age, so bathing every night isn’t always ideal.

“When the last time they took a bath is foggy in my brain, it’s bath time.”Melanie from Mostly Under Control

“We’re in a rental with a smaller water heater so we take turns on whether it’s our toddler’s bath night or our shower night ha. But really, the toddler gets only a couple of baths regularly unless he somehow gets super dirty or has a massive blowout. He’s 3 and mostly potty trained so those are not a daily occurrence.” – Julie from Fab Working Mom Life

“Our one year old daughter gets bathed about two to three times a week. If there’s an extra messy day for any reason, obviously that increases.
I work long days so she usually gets them on my days off, as there’s not enough time when I get home from work, make and clean up dinner before bed time.
I often have her hop in the shower with me after I’ve showered because when she was younger she wasn’t a fan of the bath. She has all her bath toys in the shower now though!”
Victoria from One Sharp Mama

“I work until 6pm every night and bedtime is at 7pm. We don’t have time to take a bath during the week since I have 1 hour to prep dinner, feed dinner, get in jammies, brush teeth, go potty, read a story and get to bed. Translation: 1 bath a week on weekends…
Plus germs are good for the immune system…let them marinate!”
Kat from Calif Creations

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“My 7-year old gets a bath 3 times per week. We usually do it on less stressful days, when we have more time. Sometimes he also showers when he has some kind of sport activity and is all sweaty.”Diana from Bullets for Mom

Skin Conditions

If you child has a skin condition, your pediatrician may suggest a certain number of baths per weeks.

“My toddler bathes 2-3 times a week because he has eczema, so I have to be careful not to dry out his skin. If he does get 3 in a week, one will almost always be without soap. Of course, there’s always exceptions like getting extremely dirty or a big accident.” – Inez from For the Love of Mom

“My son takes a bath twice everyday. We live in a tropical country (Philippines) so there are times that it’s really hot that rashes caused by the heat shows on his skin that’s why his pediatrician advised us to bathe him twice a day everyday so that’s morning and night time. I always make sure it’s luke warm water.”Mhow from Not Your Ordinary Girl

“My girls (ages 2 and 5) are bathed every day. Both have eczema and their doctor recommends daily baths and applying their lotion after to help their skin. Also I am a germaphobe and like them to go to bed clean free of outside germs”Elizabeth from Worth Writing For

The Season

In the colder winter months, many kids aren’t getting as dirty. So, some parents don’t bother with bathing until it’s necessary.

“Barring any accidents or special circumstances baths happen once a week for my kids (3 yrs old and 7 months old) during the winter, and almost daily during the summer. Of course they’re also “spot cleaned” continuously it seems.”Rigel from Holes in Your Socks

“We aim for 2 baths a week but in reality, we only do 1. Especially during these cold months, my 3 year old and 1 year old stay at home and don’t get dirty or sweaty.”Kimberly from Raising Rome and Rio

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