Easy Ways to Lower your Utility Bill

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I’m always looking for ways to save money and utilities are no exception! Here are a few easy ways to lower your utility bill. All of these ideas are free or inexpensive, and they will help you use less water, electricity and gas!

Adjust or Replace your Thermostat

Many homes have programmable thermostats already installed. If you don’t have one of these, they’re not very expensive and completely worth it! If you do have one, make sure you’ve actually programmed it! If you’re out of the house all day, you can set it to turn down automatically. Many people also keep their home temperatures a few degrees lower at night. If you still feel drafts, locate your cold spots to fix them!

Limit Water Use while Showering

If you install a water efficient shower head, you can reduce the amount of water used when you shower. If you’re handy, this can be an easy DIY project. It’s also affordable with basic shower heads costing less than $10.

If you have kids who like to play in the shower like mine, consider setting a timer to limit shower time.

Unplug Devices when Not in Use

You are probably doing this already, but there are many devices that drain power even when not in use. Things like gaming systems, TVs and other electronics can steal a lot of power. Consider keeping non-essential items on a power strip for easy on/off. Also, try to unplug your tablet and cell chargers when not is use.

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Upgrade your Bulbs

We’ve slowly been replacing all of the older bulbs in our house with more energy efficient LED bulbs. I have noticed a definite difference in our electric bill, and they’re actually brighter than our old bulbs.

Seal Gaps near Doors and Windows

If you have cool drafts in your home, you may be throwing money out the window! Regular home maintenance like repairing cracked caulk around windows is a great place to start. Also check door seals and repair as needed. Weather stripping comes in different sizes and can help you fill any gaps around your home!

Lower your Utility Bill

Do you have any other tips to lower your utility bill that are easy and inexpensive? Tell me in the comments!

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