What I Love about Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk

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Certified organic and certainly delicious, Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk is on our Walmart shopping list! It’s a brand new offering Horizon, so it just recently appeared at out store! We’ve enjoyed Horizon products for years, so I’m excited to see a grassfed milk option added to their line up of awesome products!

Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk at Walmart

I’ve noticed a trend lately where Walmart is carrying more natural and organic items. And, I love it! I can count on Walmart to have great prices on the premium products that we enjoy. With 3 kids, I love being able to do most of my shopping at one store instead of running all over town.

Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk at Walmart

Certified Organic Milk

Here’s breakfast last weekend! It’s simple, but does the job. I can feel great that I have an easy, organic, non-GMO option in the fridge for my family. These Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk half gallons are also the perfect size for my kids to pour, so they can actually get their own breakfast!

Grassfed Milk

It’s a great feeling when you drink pasture raised milk. Grassmilk not only tastes great, but it comes from happy cows, too! These cows spend time in organic pastures, bringing you the best milk out there. It’s just so natural and creamy tasting! I love using Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk for drinking or in recipes because of it’s rich flavor! My kids love it, too. We’ll be headed to the store soon for another carton!

Ibotta Offer

If you love saving money on groceries like I do, then you’ll want to take advantage of this Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk Ibotta Rebate. You can earn a $1 cash back rebate after you purchase this at Walmart and scan your receipt through the Ibotta app!

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Have you tried Horizon Organic Grassfed Milk yet? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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