Little Passports: Let’s Travel Together!

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We are so excited to be teaming up as an affiliate of Little Passports! Little Passports brings the world to your child in a package on your doorstep! They have different subscription options for ages 3-12. Kids get to follow Sam and Sofia in their travels around the country and around the world! Your subscription starts with a suitcase and map and then introduces your child to a new place every month.

I’ve heard such fabulous reviews about this, and I can’t wait to incorporate this into the geography lessons I do with my first grader! We can be explorers without ever leaving our home!

We’re getting a free trial of this product in order to share the excitement with you! I will be doing a monthly post about what comes in our packages so you can travel right along with us! Sign up if you want to start getting these awesome packages too! It’s going to be so much fun!:

Little Passports

We’re excited that Little Passports has both a World Edition for 6-10 year olds and a USA Edition for 7-12 year olds.

My kids love to play with the globe and find continents and countries! I’ll admit that I’ve re-learned a lot of my countries as well! I especially love teaching my children about different cultures and traditions.

My kids also help us plan our road trips in the US. They even have their own maps of states they’ve visited. So, it will be awesome to learn about the states along with our travels. My son can already name and identify most of the states on a map, so this will bring in some fresh material for us!

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Have you tried the Little Passports Program? If you’ve tried it, what is your favorite part? If you haven’t tried it yet, what part are you most excited about?

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