DIY Lego Movie Costumes for the Family

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We love to have a family costume theme for Halloween. This year, we’re dressing up like the characters from the Lego Movie. While I could find some options for Emmet and Batman, many of the other characters didn’t have costumes readily available. So, we had to create our own Lego Movie costumes. These were all made from t-shirts or sweatshirts and did not require sewing!

The adults are Benny and Wyldstyle. The kids are Emmet, Batman and Unikitty. We already had a chance to try out our costumes at a trick-or-treating event, but we’ll be wearing them again for Halloween. Out littlest one, was completely worn out and slept through trick-or-treating, so I’m hoping she’ll stay awake for her second chance!

Lego Movie Costumes

LEGO Movie Costumes DIY

I ordered the lego masks on Etsy to get us started.


LEGO Benny the Spaceman Costume

I used an iron on transfer (the kind for dark colors) to put the logo on the Benny spaceman shirt.



LEGO Uniktty costume

The Unikitty shirt was also made with an iron on transfer. I bought a light blue feather boa for the tail and we decorated some plain white canvas shoes.



LEGO Wyldstyle costume

I painted the Wyldstyle designs on using fabric paint. I also painted on a zipper look down the middle of the hoodie.


LEGO Emmet Costume

The Emmet costume was a light blue sweatshirt, orange pants and an orange safety vest. We pinned a red box on his back for the piece of resistance.

LEGO Batman costume

The Batman costume included the hooded sweatshirt that we found at Costco. The colors weren’t quite right, but my daughter wanted her own personal spin on the idea! I also ordered a batman mask and a batman cape.

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Have you made Lego Movie costumes for your family? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Excellent idea and awesome job creating these! I love Unikitty and Wyld Style. You did a great job with the fabric paint. They happen to be two of my favorite characters 🙂 Costumes seem so much more expensive these days so if you can DIY like you did, you have it made 😉


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