Crafts and Activities with Leftover Halloween Candy

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We don’t eat much candy, but my kids love to trick-or-treat, so we always have leftover Halloween Candy. Here are some fun ways to use it for crafts and activities instead of eating it!

Crafts and Activities with Leftover Halloween Candy

Candy Corn

Edible Candy Corn Slime from In the Kids Kitchen
This edible Candy Corn Slime is perfect for letting younger kids play with slime.

Candy Corn Cob Math from The Preschool Toolbox
Use candy corn to work on basic math skills.

Candy Corn Turkey coloring page with Free Printable
This is easy fun for younger kids. Decorate your turkey using candy corn as his tail feathers.

Staburst, Taffy and Twizzlers

Edible Candy Corn Slime from The Soccer Mom Blog
Another take on slime with leftover Staburst or taffy.

Easy Candy Wreath from Organized 31
Make a decorative wreath with leftover Twizzler candy packs.


Rainbow Skittles Experiment from Hello Wonderful
Fins an impressive rainbow of colors from your leftover Skittles!

Skittles Science from Parenting Chaos
Exploring water stratification with Skittles.

Gingerbread Man Candy House from The Preschool Toolbox
Get in the holiday spirit by making a gingerbread house from leftover candy!

Skittles Candy Paint from Parenting Chaos
Have fun painting with your Skittles!

Gummy Candies and Jelly Beans

Candy Mosaic Art from Pink Stripey Socks
Turn your leftover candy into colorful art. Great idea for all ages!

Design your own Candy Maze from Pink Stripey Socks
This is such a fun idea. I can’t wait to try this one with my kids!

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Jelly Beans Busy Bag from Teach me Mommy
Use your leftover candy to make a busy bag and practice those sorting skills!

Candy Experiments from Mama Smiles
Easy and fun science ideas for all ages.

Assorted Candy

M & M Statistics Lesson from Crafts Moms Share
Gather data and look at trends from those leftover packs of M&M’s.

Candy Stem Challenge from the STEAM Powered Family
Layer your lollipop colors for a fun science and art activity!

Halloween Candy Math from Real Life at Home
Free Printable activities to practice math skills with candy.

What projects are you doing with your leftover candy?

Crafts and Activities with Leftover Halloween Candy

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