Kid Friendly Restaurants in Colorado Springs

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When you’re dining out with kids, you want to feel welcome. I’ve created this list of kid friendly restaurants in Colorado Springs to help you in your search. We’ve been to and enjoy all of the places! Make sure to also take a look at my post about where kids eat free!

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Favorite Fast Food pick: Chick-Fil-A
There are three free standing locations in Colorado Springs (all with fairly clean play areas. They also have a location in the Chapel Hills Mall.
I love the fact that the play areas are well maintained. They also host great kids events on a weekly basis at many of the locations.

Other local fast food places that have play areas at some locations include McDonalds and Burger King.

Favorite Casual Dining pick: Poor Richard’s
This is a great small business in downtown Colorado Springs. My kids love the small castle play area that is tucked in the back room. I love the salads and that fact that the kids can play without disturbing other diners.

Here are a few other places my kids enjoy (although they don’t have play areas!):

Steak N Shake – This can take a little longer but my kids enjoy building the paper cars that come with their kids meals.

HuHot – Fill your bowl and they cook it right in front of you!

You could also try a fun center like i’TZ or Chuck E. Cheese where the kids can enjoy games while you enjoy a pizza.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of kid friendly restaurants in Colorado Springs. I’m always on the lookout for new places to try. Where is your favorite place to eat out with kids?

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