Invasion of the Tiny Human: A Cat’s Tale

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Invasion of the Tiny Human: A Cat’s Tale

I thought I had my humans trained. In the morning by being vocal and guiding them in the correct direction with my body, they knew it was time to fill my food dish. Later, the male would typically attempt to hand me a string. He would struggle with this, he’d start to give it to me and then pull it away. He’d repeat this cycle many times until I was able to snag it out of his hands or he dropped it. They are slow learners, humans.


Several times a day, I required that they sit or lay down so that I could perch on them. By creating adorable sounds and giving soft nuzzles, I received the ear rubs and scratches they learned to perform. By scratching their furniture and their shoes, they bought me scratching posts and new toys with which to play. The female would often carry me around and provide me with room on her belly to nap.

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Once in a while, visitors arrived at our home, sometimes they brought along smaller humans. These small creatures weren’t tame. They moved quickly, unpredictably, and loudly. I showed my distaste for them by ignoring them and seeking refuge away from their ruckus. However, sometimes these critters ignored my cues and attempted to touch me. I would hiss and they would holler even louder as they ran away from me. I guess they are somewhat trainable.

The routine continued until one day the females belly was no longer available for naps. I insisted, yet she would push me away. Strange. I watched her belly grow. I was a bit suspicious of its size and concerned that it moved. The male didn’t have a growth and he still liked to give me the string (or at least tried), so he was trustworthy.
Then, the humans were gone for several days. When they returned, I was going to give them my stink-eye and walk around in their space until they gave me an apology in the form of a rub, treat, or play. But something was different, the female no longer had her belly. Oh good, my napping spot is back. The contents of her belly were in the carrier.
There was a tiny human. Male in variety. Roughly my size. Funny smelling. After a few whiffs up close, (the female seemed uncomfortable that I was near his head) I decided to go think about how this tiny human would affect my routine and training.

Over the course of the next few months, the tiny human never left like the smaller humans that visited before. He also arrived with a variety of new toys that I find intriguing. Fortunately, this creature doesn’t chase after me. In fact, he doesn’t really show any interest at all unless I am extremely close. Most of the time he’s either being carried or in his bed. Several times a week the male and female attempt to get the tiny human wet like they do with me on occasion. The tiny human shrieks. I try to protect the invader by peering into the basin and vocalizing my concern. This tends to get me quite a bit of attention.


Now that the tiny human isn’t as tiny, I enjoy laying on the floor near his bed as he sleeps and seeking play and attention from the male and female when they aren’t tending to the little one’s needs. Luckily, my humans haven’t forgotten about me and still make time to meet all my needs and some of my wants.

About the Author:
Catniss is almost 4 years old. She’s silky black, with greenish-yellow eyes. She enjoys running around her home, playing with anyone and everything, and taking afternoon naps on sunny spots on the floor. Being a well travelled cat, she enjoys car rides and exploring new places! Once she was exploring the lower kitchen cabinets and climbed from behind into the utensil drawer; boy, were her owners surprised when they wanted a spoon!


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  1. Cute, I think your cat’s thoughts are spot on with how they feel about kids, training us, new toys, etc. I have three myself and they all got me trained!

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