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I know that indoor air quality is really important, especially with kids in the house. I’ve often wondered what was lurking in the air inside of our home, and now I know thanks to our recent indoor air quality testing!

We recently did a VOC and Formaldehyde test on our home air quality through Home Air Check. We live in an older home, so I was really curious to see the results! The test arrived in the mail, and I conveniently mailed it right back to them. It was easy to set up, and didn’t take much time either! The directions were easy to follow and once the test was set up, you could let it run while doing other things. The VOC test ran for 2 hours and the formaldehyde test ran for 20 minutes. The results arrived back to me via e-mail.

Home Air Check

Indoor Air Quality Testing Results

I was really impressed with the detailed report. It was easy to understand with four color-coded levels for each item. Green for normal, yellow for moderate, orange for elevated and red for severe.

The first test (VOCs) had broken down results for mold, household, and building products. Our Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) level was 440 ng/L, which is in the normal range. There were a few sub-areas that scored a moderate, so I need to take a closer look at how to improve those. The report did include suggestions on how to improve and links to additional resources.

The second test (formaldehyde) came back elevated. I was completely shocked and wasn’t expecting any problems there. We’ll be making some changes and testing again soon.

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