How to Fix Broken Toys with Sugru

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I’ve got three kids in the house, including one very destructive middle child. She’s kind of like a walking tornado. We have a broken toy several times per week. I’ve had a lot of experience with how to fix broken toys. I’m used to fighting with liquid glue and sometimes having the toy break again shortly after. I was sent a sample of Sugru Moldable Glue and I am so happy we found this! It makes my job as “Official Toy Fixer” so much easier!



Sugru sticks permanently to most plastics, fabrics, glass, wood and metal. You have 30 minutes to mold it as you please. After 24 hours it turns a durable silicone rubber that stays stuck! It comes in Multi-Color or Black & White!


I tried Sugru on the Violet Disney Infinity figure. Her head was broken off, and I had already tried using glue a few times with no luck.

How To Fix Broken Toys

The neck was too thin to get the glue to work well and I had no way to easily keep her head in the right position. I tried putting a Sugru collar around her neck.

It worked! Her head is back on and I think she looks pretty stylish!


isn’t just for fixing toys. It has all sorts of other uses around the house, too!



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