How to Create Healthy Home Habits

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How to Create Healthy Home Habits

Life is fast paced. We work, we navigate traffic, we race through our day, and past the people we love, just to get things done even faster.
Living like this, we neglect fundamental building blocks that are meant to keep us balanced and happy. We compromise on health and family relationships, all because we are too busy, being busy.
Change does not need to be an earth moving process, minor adjustments will open up more hours in the day, and at a massively reduced stress level for both kids and parents. Here’s how.

1. Get to Bed Early, Wake Up Fresh
Healthy Home Habits
Sleep is often neglected, yet it is a key element in the healing and repair of our bodies. Poor sleep patterns and conditions like sleep apnea can have serious effects on our health, so ensure you get the hours you need. It could be a simple as a new pillow to solve sleep apnea or a bedtime story for a child with sleep regression, check out if you need help.
If an uncomfortable bed has you restless all night, or binge watching Netflix is keeping you up, fix the problem. A good night’s rest reduces stress levels and improves brain function, so ensure you start each day with a healthy dose of Vitamin Z.

2. Clear Away Clutter
Start the day by making your bed. If the kids have been playing in an area, get them to tidy up so that when you arrive home, there is a welcoming environment in which to relax. We tend to avoid messy areas, even if that mess is of our own making. By putting things in order, we can return to a space and enjoy it, time and again.

3. Prepare For The Week

By planning out the week ahead, managing your time becomes infinitely easier. Make a simple to-do list and run through the day in your mind. This way, you are more in control of your day, as opposed to dashing frantically from one commitment to the next.
If you have a family to manage, knowing who has an appointment, or a project due and when, will keep you stress free and on top of things. Make school lunches the day before to avoid adding to the morning routine. A little planning will have the machine running that much smoother.

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4. Don’t Neglect Cleaning
When laundry, dishes and dirty bathrooms get ahead of you, tackling the task becomes a dreaded chore. Limited time and busy schedules can leave us stretched thin, so handle cleaning in bite size pieces to avoid a massive buildup.
If you’re just not getting to it all, a house keeper every second week may be just what you need. Getting help to do the deep cleaning of bathrooms and floors will change the game. And this way, you won’t have to sacrifice your weekends just to catch up.

5. Replace Unhealthy Eating Habits

Poor nutrition impacts heavily on our physical and mental health. By making small adjustments, you and your family can make lasting improvements. Parents may find coffee to be a problem, so try replacing your morning espresso with a smoothie. Kids may be hooked on sugary treats, these can be replaced with fruit and nuts. Failing any of the above, hydrate. Drink one glass of water more than usual to help cleanse your system.
Regardless if you need to lose a few pounds, or just want to feel more energized, minor changes in your eating habits, will help you build a more sustainable foundation. Over time, small improvements result in collective months of good choice, and ultimately, achieving your desired level of health.

6. Move Your Body
We all know exercise is good for you, but why exactly? At the top of the list, exercise is responsible for the release of endorphins in the body, which make you happier. And as if that wasn’t enough, it improves muscle tone, energy levels, skin health, brain health and memory.
It’s as close as we’ll ever get to the fountain of youth, so if you want to stay young and fit, get out there and take a walk.

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7. Play & Create

For children, play is an important part of development. It helps build creativity and expand thier imagination. Most importantly, it’s fun and something a lot of grownups forget to do. Take time to shake off the seriousness of the day and be silly. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your children and they will love you all the more for it.
If you enjoy dancing, making music, cooking, painting or any other creative activity, do more of it to add pleasure to your week.

8. Take a Breather
Toddlers get “time outs” when they are tired or moody, but as parents, we rarely take that time to reset. We push through stressful days and then start the cycle all over again the following day.
If you have the overwhelmed attitude of, “just keep on keeping on.” Then STOP. Take a deep breath and take time to just unwind. Close your eyes and still your thoughts. Take a long, uninterrupted bath, or take a walk and de-stress.

Balance and calm in a home, comes from a solid foundation which is not difficult to build. All we have to do is quiet down, put little solutions in place, and reap the benefits. By applying some of the above points, you will find your day is measurably more productive, than the version where you chase your tail.

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Author Bio
Bianca is a lifestyle and travel writer, living in South Africa. She loves nature, good food, and exploring with her family. She works from home and is the mother of a full-of-life, 8 year old son named Everest.

How to Create Healthy Home Habits

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  1. We are working on getting rid of the clutter and staying on top of our chore lists at our house. It’s amazing how much stress extra clutter can cause! These are great tips!


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