Homeschooling on a Budget

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People are always asking me if homeschooling is expensive. It definitely depends on the person and situation. You may find homeschoolers who spend very little and others who spend hundreds of dollars on a regular basis. Around here, we’re all about homeschooling on a budget!


Tips to keep your homeschool spending in check:

1. Use Your Local Library
In addition to finding lots of great books at your library, many library offer science kits, foreign language software and more!

2. Pool your Resources
Share and borrow homeschooling items from other homeschooling families. Consider a science kit swap or a book exchange.

3. Save on Curriculum
Look for a local curriculum sale/swap. Check to see if your curriculum offers a discount for materials in electronic format or buy a complete digital curriculum. Easy Peasy is also a free curriculum available online.

4. Check with your School District
Some school districts offer free resources or lend curriculum. If your child participates in an enrichment program through a school district, they sometimes offer free items or a curriculum credit. It never hurts to ask!

5. Save on Supplies
Your school year may not follow a traditional school schedule, but school supply deals do! Stock up on paper, pencils, notebooks and more in August and September at the Back to School sales. Also, check your local dollar store for markers, glue sticks and more.

6. Plan Field Trips Wisely
Many museums and zoos offer periodic discounted admission days. These usually fall on non-popular weekdays. Some offer special classes or events for homeschoolers as well.

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Helpful Resources for Homeschooling on a Budget

Here’s a list of the best affordable homeschool resources – all available for $20 or less (some are free!).

Homeschool Planner
Free Download in Excel or Open Office.

Math Resources

Khan Academy
They’ve got a math video for every topic you could imagine!

Times Tales DVD
Kids can learn their times tables in a snap! Most homeschoolers say this DVD only takes about an hour to teach kids the upper times tables. There’s also a downloadable version available.

Life of Fred Math Stories
After reading the Fred books, kids will never say “math is boring” ever again. These fictional stories weave in math concepts with real world examples.

Science Activities

One Minute Science Mysteries
Each story, just one minute long, challenges students’ knowledge in earth, space, life, physical, chemical, and general science.

Seasonal Science Activities
Introduce preschoolers and kindergartners to basic science concepts all year long with 25 time-saving, seasonal thematic units.

Language Arts Games & Lessons

Online early reading fun with letters and phonics.

uKloo Early Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game
Disguised as a treasure hunt, this literacy game gets kids physically active as they strengthen reading comprehension skills while solving clues to find a surprise.

ukloo treasure set

Cursive Writing Worksheets
Make handwriting practice more fun with these superhero-themed printable worksheets.

Homeschooling on a Budget

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